Life Is Not Complicated, you always have options…

Bridge of peaceI won’t stand on a soap box and pontificate about how I choose to think positively and take on my days like a Gladiator, wielding swords at my challenges, waiting on the Universe to decide: “thumbs up”, let challenge live; “thumbs done”, finish them”! No. I often choose a less dramatic tract. Reason and responsibility dictate I have things to do, people counting on me (including myself), and a future to consider (if God grants me that mercy). What really changes the tone of my mood is I realize I have options. More so than many people I know. All I need to do is focus, and decide that I am wholly equipped to turn the tide of my life in any direction. It will not always be easy. It will not happen right away. But I make the choice. I determine, to a large extent, the outcome. That kind of power is life affirming!


One thought on “Life Is Not Complicated, you always have options…

  1. I look forward to more from you. Mr. Wallace a blog allows opportunity to communicate with those of similar mind set. When I check my out my favorite blogs each night through LinkedIn, I feel connected to people who get me. Please don’t think that I am snobbish, but sometimes I need to connect with people similar to me even if it is via following blogs that I relate to their message.

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