Life Is Not Complicated, never lose sight of who you are…

Spiritual GrowthDon’t ever let anyone use your vulnerabilities to make you feel badly about yourself. Ever. If someone attempts to use your proverbial Achilles heel to cripple your spirit, counter their hate and use those misguided attacks as motivation. Focus on your light. Focus on goodness. Focus on hope. Remain faithful to who you are. God did not create a mess. That is a man-made term. His creation trumps any man’s representation. Never make excuses for who you are or why you may suffer. Everyone has issues. Some people are just strong enough to accept and deal with their challenges, while others mask pain by inflicting pain. Each day, when you pray that God helps you heal and overcome all the things that hurt you, say a special prayer for the spiritually and emotionally wounded among us who don’t even realize how damaged they are. When you rise above negativity and wish those who are suffering Godspeed, your life will overflow with amazing grace and victory. There are no words and actions greater than the God who makes all good things possible!


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