Life Is Not Complicated You Are, take a look in the mirror…

The big risk you take with deep reflection is you may not like the answers that rise to the surface. Still it’s better to walk in clarity than it is to stumble aimlessly in darkness. ~Deliverance

self-reflectionI was preparing for another busy day. As always I laid my clothes out, shaved, showered, returned some emails and text messages, and responded to readers on the Life Is Not Complicated Group on Facebook. Right before leaving the house I gave myself a final once-over in the mirror. My Mom would always say no matter where I am going, “Act like you been somewhere before”. Meaning make sure you are well put together and prepared for any circumstance, any chance meeting. As I made some minor adjustments, I noticed a slight stain on my shirt. No idea, whatsoever how it got there… but man it frustrated me. It threw everything off. It was a flaw that only I may have noticed, but still it was there. And I thought to myself, how many of us need to take that look in the proverbial mirror before we head out into the world? How often do we give our lives, our hearts our actions that “once over” to make sure there are no flaws that need to be addressed… no stains on the fabric of our character that may go unnoticed or unaddressed by others, but are still there?

Then I remembered the quote above from “Deliverance” about introspection and deep reflection. Sometimes, the most unsettling realization is finding that flaw, that “thing” about us we need to fix so it does not throw off the big picture. And we can try to hide from it, cover it up, ignore it, but it is still there. Rather than turn a blind eye to our imperfections, take it all in! Eyes wide open! See it, accept it, understand it, deal with it. Not a single one of us is perfect. Thank goodness…how boring would life be if there were no challenges present to build us up and make us stronger, hungrier? However, we all have something about us that throws off the look, however slight. And it will frustrate you and blur your focus until you tackle it head on.

Take one final look in the “mirror” today and study your reflection. Your thoughts, your behavior, your attitude, your character, your mood, your goals. Are you happy with the entire look or are there some things that need to be cleaned up, improved upon, addressed? Try to get clear with yourself before you step out into the world or risk stumbling in the darkness.

Have a great day all. “Deliverance” is chapter 7 in Life Is Not Complicated, You Are. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment and we can discuss.


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