Life Is Not Complicated, failure is not the final chapter of a life God authors…

Faith brings clarity. You stop asking why, and prepare for when. You accept that life’s biggest disappointments can become the greatest blessings; when one door closes, another opens. When it does, step through fearlessly! If you walk in faith, you will not get lost. Life Is Not Complicated: Phoenix

As I write this, I am making plans to travel to Los Angeles. First, I want to say, packing is not one of my favorite things! However, as with most situations I am able to look beyond what I consider a tedious endeavor and appreciate the reason I have to pack in the first place.

Phoenix3A few years ago I was at a very difficult season in my life. As I write about in the chapter entitled Phoenix, I was fighting for my job, I had just lost my Dad, Hurricane Ike had wreaked havoc and destruction  along the Gulf, I had just started a new company as a means to subsist and create new opportunities for me and my family while ironically, my marriage was ending. Fast forward past the fear, the doubt and the worry. With the help of prayer and a whole lot of faith, today my business, Sol-Caritas is thriving, I have been able to honor my loved ones’ legacy in my first book, I have found fulfillment in every aspect of my personal life and in a few hours I will be on my way to L.A. to support my artist and good friend Billy Sorrells as he and his cast-mates celebrate their exciting new comedy show, According to Him & Her ,which will air on Black Entertainment Television (BET) CentricTV. I am so proud of that young man. Billy continues to build on his successes, never settling for just enough. Meantime, I will join Sol artist, actress and phenomenal comedienne Cocoa Brown and her fellow actors and actresses as they prepare to stand alongside prominent director Tyler Perry for the opening of The Single Moms Club, a new film coming to theaters Friday, March 14th. Before I began packing, I screened the final version of New York based anchor and comedian Liz Faublas’ widely anticipated DVD Liz Faublas: From Broadcast to Broadway. In classic Sol style, Liz has parlayed her award winning news career into a successful stand-up career. Meantime, sales of Comedian GrossMann’s DVD F#@k It, I Don’t Live Here have surpassed even our wildest estimates. I must add, the production of both Sol artists’ DVD’s comes courtesy of our exclusive, state of the art in-house production facility, Sol-Rise, led by  Mikkell “Fetti” Limbrick.

The purpose of today’s post is not to bore you with my itinerary. I really just want anyone reading these words, or who read Phoenix to see first hand that if you have faith, if you work hard, if you truly believe that you will NOT be side-lined by your challenges, your seasons will change for the better. It is possible to have a good life and it is yours for the taking. I could have given up at so many different times over the years. But thanks to my legacy and foundation, my faith and the support of people around me who I trust and love, I persevered. I had to. There was no way failure would be the final chapter of a life that God authored!

So, when you think you cannot survive, cannot overcome, cannot progress past your pain, defeat, disappointment… create your own itinerary and do not stop until you are packing for your own journey toward redemption. And when you are on that road… you need to keep pushing. Never rest on laurels or believe “This is it”. Each day, I am reminded opportunities abound. You are no different. You just have to believe it.

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