Life Is Not Complicated, honor your mother every day…

“My mother loved me from the moment I was conceived. I know this because she told me, often. Not that she needed to reassure me, although it was wonderful to hear. From the time I could reasonably understand what it meant to be loved, her affection encouraged and empowered me. More importantly, she taught me to love myself”. Life Is Not Complicated: Purpose

 Durant“Your’re the real MVP Mom”.

When Kevin Durant spoke those words during his speech after winning the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award earlier this week, women (and even the toughest men) around the country felt that emotional, heartfelt accolade deeply. Now, I’m no overly emotional brother by any stretch, but even I was moved by Kevin’s speech, and rightfully so. In my opinion, there is nothing like a mother’s love and anytime we can take the opportunity to acknowledge that special woman in our lives we should all, like Kevin Durant, do so without hesitation.

MotherI miss my mother more than words will ever express. I think about that woman every single day of my life. If she were here today, I know she would be my biggest cheerleader, sharing my accomplishments with anyone who would listen. And for those who knew my mom, she would share it especially with those who were not trying to listen! Yep, her love knew no boundaries. My mother taught me to be courageous and fearless in the face of all adversity and to appreciate the good in my life because, as I learned the day she left me 15-years ago, tomorrow is never promised. Up until the moment I published Life Is Not Complicated, Mother’s Day, her birthday and holidays were so hard for me. I had this deep hole in my heart that nothing or no one could fill. I ached to hear her voice; to hear her say “Baby I’m proud of you” or “Son, you keep doing what you are doing and do not let anyone stand in your way”. I would give anything to have her check me the way she used to if she felt I was out of line. Imagine, missing being chastised by your momma! Thing is, even at her angriest I knew no matter her tone (loving or stern) it was coming from place of love and from a woman who cared about me more than anyone ever would. Now that the book is complete, it serves as my personal homage to my mom. It is one of my greatest achievements so far because it was inspired by her life. This has given me a peace that I never knew possible. My mother lives in my words, in my actions, in my life even after her death. My heart is almost whole again. Almost. Montage Alice Wallace

The sacrifices I see women make for the sake of their families astound me. I hear my friends and family members talk about what they give up, what they pray for, what they would (and do) go through to make sure their loved ones are taken care of. The dedication is phenomenal! I hold all women who are doing all they can to be role models and honorable, committed matriarchs in the highest regard. Motherhood is a full-time job and a constant mental, spiritual and physical labor of love. The role is paramount in our homes and in society and the women who fulfill that role should be cherished and respected and appreciated.

So while it is great to celebrate this special day dedicated to moms, I urge each of you, to ALWAYS be good to the woman who is so good to you. Honor your mothers EVERY DAY by letting her know she is the real MVP in your life.


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