Life Is Not Complicated, freedom is not free…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ~Declaration of Independence

happy-US-independence-day-1Before you head out to the beach, the amusement parks or the neighbor’s bar-b-que (Still waiting on my invites by the way!), I just want to remind you to take a moment and appreciate Independence. Yes, I am fully aware that many of these “holidays” are derived from circumstances that were unfavorable to far too many. Rather than get all into the historical atrocities that preceded this day, I really want to focus on the outcome (for today). Freedom and Independence. Moral standards to which the United States should strive.

As a spokesperson for USA Cares Texas Region, I encounter many service men and women (active and retired). Their bravery and selflessness remind me every day that we live in a country, a great nation (that I was proud to fight for while serving in the Navy during Desert Storm) where weUSA CARES MILITARY PIC are free to speak and to act without the threat of censorship or punishment. We are all afforded the opportunity, by virtue of our Independence to seek out, work for and achieve an education, a job, a family, a role (or voice) in government and practice whatever religion we choose. Do you have the slightest understanding how fortunate we are? Right now, as we prepare to begin our day of rest and relaxation men and women are guarding our freedom on the front lines of battle. Our armed forces are putting their lives on the line to ensure that what we say, write, do and or believe are protected. Because as you are well aware, people have been killed for practicing the very liberties we sometimes take for granted.

I am the last person who will ever believe we should forget that our history is marred by inhumane injustices. And I know many of those injustices exist today to varying degrees. I share some of my own challenges in Life Is Not Complicated, so I have a personal perspective believe me! However, I refuse to let anyone make me a prisoner of the past. Ignorance is what holds us back. Independence gives us ALL the freedom to be great. To make a difference. To begin a pattern of progression our children and grand-children can emulate and build upon.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy your day with friends and family. Whether you celebrate the birth of our nation or are just relieved you have a day off from work remember that both (our Independence and that job) are just some of the blessings that should not be taken for granted, ever. Be safe everyone!

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