Life Is Not Complicated, R.I.P Michael Brown…

What happens after the media coverage dies down? Remain vigilant.

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Michael BrownToday, as I watch scenes from Michael Brown’s Going Home Celebration, I am really at a loss. It has been a very tense, emotionally draining and mentally taxing two weeks.

So much has been said and done since we witnessed this brutal, unfortunate incident. And I realize and Michael Brown Momrespect that today is not the day to stand on a soapbox and discuss race relations, humanitarian issues and senseless violence. Today, all I see is the pain in a mother and father’s eyes; friends that can’t make sense of their loss; members of a community that feel a void they have no idea how to fill. I realize this is one less young man that will begin college, play football, sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, become a husband, father. I obviously do not know Michael Brown. No clue what kind of young man he was or would have become. I have…

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