Life Is Not Complicated, Support #ConcernedStudent1950

Solidarity. Standing up for a cause. No matter what the consequence.

University Students 1
Courtesy: NBC News

We talk about it, hear about it, read about it all over social media. Every time an injustice rears its head, the masses log on and cry for unity. Loud and proud. Thing is, the actions that follow the battle cry, seldom rise above a whisper. Until now!

University Students 3
Courtesy: NBC News

I am so proud of the football team, coaches, students and faculty at the University of Missouri who, after criticizing the University’s President Tom Wolfe’s handling of racism on campus, staged a massive walkout.  This is a shining example of actions speaking louder than words. The protest aims to achieve one goal: To force the immediate resignation (or removal) of Tom Wolfe from the position.

Courtesy: NBC News

The images are outstanding. Men, women, athletes, students, faculty, staff standing together, are

Missouri Students
Courtesy: NBC News

in arm. A picture of diversity seeking to do away with a culture violated by racial slurs, harassment, intimidation and indifference. They will not stop until they get results. This is not an online “bandwagon” movement. Many of these students probably risked scholarships or other punitive actions to participate in the protest. This is how you make a difference; how you voice your concern. Their actions represent a substantive reaction to an unacceptable situation. As a result of this action, this show of strength without violence, cursing or misconduct, the President of the University resigned.

Missouri Students 2I will end this blog with a tweet from the University’s athletes. Read it carefully. It’s a message many need to adopt. Especially those who have lost sight of what it really means to unite by any means necessary. If there were to be an EFFECTIVE boycott, I assure you, football is it! As a Texas boy I often say the only thing bigger than football is God and some Pastors even end the service early on Sunday to watch the big game.

“The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe “Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere. We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experience.” 


3 thoughts on “Life Is Not Complicated, Support #ConcernedStudent1950

  1. Here is yet another moment that gives me pause. What is it with the “leadership” of today and their disdain for common decency and mutual respect? As I reflect upon this protest and the orderly fashion in which it was done, it elevates my hope and makes me proud to see the outcome. Mr. Wolfe resigned. That in and of itself is another declaration of being of one voice and moving swiftly demanding a call to action. It is also another indication that not only are we won but we pray and more importantly He hears.

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