STUDENT FEEDBACK: “Firstly, I would like

STUDENT FEEDBACK: “Firstly, I would like to start by saying how appreciative I am for this audio book, especially at this moment in my life. As a “military brat”, it’s safe to say that hard work, dedication and the strength to endure life’s challenges is engrained in my DNA. Both of my parents served over twenty years in the U.S. Military so adaptability, taking charge and open-mindedness is something that I’ve never really struggled with. However, something that I have been struggling with as of recently, is being able to relate and accept people who haven’t had the same experiences I have. Listening to this audio book, has given me a better understanding as to why it’s not only hard for me to relate to others, but also hard for others to relate to me as well. Especially, when I’m not being understanding of their own personal background and challenges.”

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