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Partnerships come in many forms. The definition is rooted in the premise that all parties play an integral role in the advancement of a mutual entity for a greater purpose. It is the same in relationships.

When two people with varied successes bond (become life partners so to speak), they must not confine the power of the union to personal fulfillment. Therein lies an opportunity to combine talent, knowledge, and experience to further respective development as well as serve a common good. The clichéd belief there must be a “50/50” apportionment of God-given gifts between man and woman has evolved. As a couple, commit to giving 100% percent of yourselves (empowered by the support you provide one another) to benefit the whole; to contribute to a society that helps you achieve.

The Author (Carlos Wallace) and the Anchor (Liz Faublas) agree they are much more effective and empowering together. By combining collective experience in media, production, writing/authorship, public speaking, and philanthropy, they understand the decision to pool abilities in order to enlighten, lead and support their communities comes with great responsibility. Each humbly admits they cannot do it without the support of others.

This provides #TheAuthorandAnchor a platform to hear from those who will assist in the mission; help further causes they hold dear; let them know when and where there is work to do. Our goal is to promote accountability, awareness, progress, service, commitment and above all, strength in numbers. It takes more than an author and an anchor to change the world. This is a first step in galvanizing a group of like-minded people to join the fight. Welcome one and all. Now, let’ s make a difference



2 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. Thank you so very much for this kind sentiment. We try so hard to be open, honest, and relatable in our blogs. To read a comment like this is quite humbling and lets us know we are on the right track. We appreciate you! Happy holidays!

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