You can sit and wait for directions, we’ll rise up and lift the weight of oppression…

Message From A Black Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Woman

You hesitate to publicly stand up for George Floyd and other Black victims of senseless injustice but who, exactly, are you afraid you might offend? Because anyone who does not recognize the indefensible immorality, the primitive disregard and the vile hatred we all saw in that video may not be worth your silence, or your soul.

What more do we have to endure? What depraved violation of our humanity will be THE “right” one before society at large says enough is enough? For the record, we crossed that threshold generations ago. Yet, for some reason, the “line” (as seen through the eyes of anyone without a conscience or soul or respect for human life) keeps getting moved forward. If you’ve never watched a black man you love cry because he is so tired of seeing black men victimized, targeted, abused, profiled, disrespected, dismissed, judged, and murdered, don’t tell us what to feel. And don’t criticize how we react. You have no right. 8 minutes, 46 seconds. As he lay dying, crying out for his mother. You can wait for the incident you deem warrants your outrage. We won’t wait with you. That moment came and went, and came and went, and came and…

Too many times. Enough is enough. #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd


A Black Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Woman


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